How To Become A Latinix™ Instructor Training Host

  • Host of the Latinix™ Instructor Training will receive 50% Discount on Normal Training fee.(Current Certified Latinix™ Instructors are more than welcome to host a Training as well, and will then be allowed to attend the entire course again, for free – no manual, dvd or t-shirt included in such a case.)
  • Host will be responsible to follow all necessary steps to register for this course as well.
    For every registered participant that successfully completes this course, that has indicated in writing, on their Registration Form, that the Host of the course was the main reason & reference for them to register in the first place; the Host will receive R200, paid into their account within 7 working days after the course was successfully completed.
  • Minimum of 5 registered participants required, for training weekend to take place.
  • Maximum number of registered participants will depend on size of venue; however, never more than 20 participants are suggested.
  • Venue must be located in a safe area of your town, be well ventilated and have adequate lighting. (Please ensure for safe parking as well)
  • Proper directions to the venue must be supplied by the host.
  • Floor texture must be clean, safe, and dance-friendly (example: no mats, paving or wooden floors with splinters)
  • Proper sound system, must be supplied by host / venue, and be in perfect working condition (all necessary cables to be supplied by the host / venue as well). The sound system should be appropriate for the size of the venue and should be suitable for us to connect our laptop directly to it.
  • Host will be responsible for all payments, if any applicable, for the use of the venue / sound system and/or damages if applicable. Standard Waiver forms are suggested.
  • Host remains responsible for providing an appropriate venue, should any plans for the pre-arranged venue need to change at any given time, and also for any payments applicable.
  • Venue must be available for the Latinix™ Instructors Training: Friday – Sunday, 7am – 5pm.
  • Host will be responsible for opening up @ 7am & locking up @ 5pm.
  • 2 x Tables & 2 x Chairs must be made available for Registrations.
  • Recommendations for appropriate and/or cost effective accommodation, close to the venue, must be supplied by the host. However, the host will not be held responsible for any accommodation bookings/arrangements for any of the participants / Latinix™ Instructors.
  • Optional:

o   The host is more than welcome to make arrangements with local Take-Away shops to arrange for Lunch Deliveries for participants and have a menu available beforehand, so orders can be placed in advance. However, this is only a suggestion and not compulsory. Participants will remain responsible for their own lunch arrangements.

o   Back-up Generators is always a life-saver in case of load shedding / power failure.

Please download our Host a Training information document by clicking the button below

Host a Training information pack

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Contact us (072 480 7766 /, should you be interested in Hosting a Latinix™ Instructor Training Program in your town.