Latinix™ is a Dance-Fitness Group Exercise program that is made up of – Latin Dancing, Aerobics, Kick Boxing, Bootcamp, Fitness, Toning, Cardio, Callanetics, Pilates, other Dance-Fitness programs, and even Flexibility Training.


More about Latinix™!

In 2009, Cat van der Merwe just had about enough of all the different Dance and Fitness programs out there. Each one different, unique and wonderful, but not one of them able to cover such a wide range of dance and fitness genres into one compact class.

Not everybody has the time on their hands to attend all the different Dance & Fitness classes per day, and your body won’t be able to handle so many hours anyway.

Taking her years of Aerobics, as well as Latin American Dancing experience, and teaming up with Anna Pain, these two ladies used their knowledge, and the need for an ‘all in one’ program, to create one awesome Dance-Fitness Program called: Latinix™

Main Components of Latinix™

Latin American Dancing

Dancing is fun. But doing it properly is very important in order to exercise both sides of your body equally and avoiding muscle imbalances and injuries. Through the Latinix™ Exercise Program, we focus on proper dance technique instead of just moving without control, as well as equal exercise for both sides of your body. Experience the FUN of dancing, while mastering the proper technique and get fit while doing so.


Aerobics has stood the test of time as an awesome cardio workout for Group Exercise. Taking what we know from Aerobics years ago, and combining it with the latest fitness trends and information regarding healthy exercise, we manage to give you the ultimate Aerobics experience through Latinix™


During our daily lives, we unknowingly exercise certain muscle groups just by completing our daily tasks. However, certain other muscle groups need to be targeted as well in order to have a fully toned & healthy body. With Latinix™ we target all the major muscle groups, big and small.


A muscle needs to be Strong & Flexible. These 2 things go hand-in-hand. A strong muscle without any flexibility will put constant strain on tendons as joints won’t be able to go through their complete range of motion, as the overly strong muscle will hold it back. A flexible muscle without any strength will also put strain on tendons as joints will be able to move past their natural anatomical angles without any support, which could lead to serious injuries. Latinix™ sees stretching and flexibility training as a crucial part of anybodies daily routine.

Latinix™ Instructor Training

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