MEET the creators

Anna Pain & Cat van der Merwe

These 2 ladies took their years of Dance & Fitness experience as instructors in these fields, and decided to create a Group Exercise program that gives you an all-in-one workout during 1 class.

Little bit more about Cat & Anna

Cat van der Merwe

Cat is the owner of Dancesation cc, and the original founder of the Latinix™ concept.
With over 15 years experience in Aerobic Exercise, 10 years experience in Latin American & Ballroom Dancing and Teaching, and  5 years of being a Pilates Instructor, she decided to stretch her knowledge to its limits and create a Dance-Fitness program that caters to more than just one specific need.
With the encouragement from her wonderful husband, Hardie van der Merwe, the idea for the funky name for the program from her dear friend and dance partner at the time, Chiron Bresler, combined with the knowledge, assistance & support from her best friend & co-teacher, Anna Pain – the Latinix™ program was born in 2009.

Anna Pain

Anna started dancing at Cat’s studio as a young student at the age of 15. She immediately stood out as someone with way more talent than the average student. The moment this talent was noticed, she was pulled into the world of becoming a Dance Teacher at the age of 16.
Juggling school-work along with the full-time training and dancing at the studio, Anna not only grew up at the studio, but soon became the best teacher ever trained at the studio, as well as Cat’s best friend.
Together, these two ladies make a good team! From dancing to choreographing, from teaching clients to training new instructors. When these two ladies put their minds to something, be sure it will happen – and that’s how Latinix™ has grown to what it is today.

Nobody has time to attend 10 different classes daily just to get a taste of everything the dance and fitness world has to offer. Putting everything into one awesome workout, saves time and money and makes it even more fun to do.